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We are a group of companies that together form a multidisciplinary team, with the purpose of achieving “Company Synergy”. We believe that this concept provides “added value” for our clients and gives us a unique global profile. This process began over 20 years ago with the foundation of COMASA, conceived and created to manufacture equipment for the Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetic industries, thus our group started its evolutionary process.
At first, we developed COMASA on a national level, gradually increasing our coverage of the Argentinian market. In this way, we also positioned ourselves in the Latin American market.

This expansion and the desire of our clients to have a complete range of equipment for the manufacture of pharmaceutical solids, fostered the creation of WYNKA. The company specialises in the manufacture of tablet press, de-dusters and accessories and is backed up by staff with over 20 years of experience.

Simultaneously, our clients were requesting advice on the installation and location of our equipment and support regarding health regulations. The result was the formation of COPHARM, a company consisting of architects specialising in the industry.

Finally, to “close the circle” and completely integrate each part of the “Company Synergy” and thus, provide “Added Value”, together with a “Turnkey Solution” for our clients, ECOVIDA was born. The company is a “Pharmaceutical Technology Service”, in turn supported by pharmaceutical professionals with vast national and international experience within the industry.

So, after 20 years of service, PAT Group has consolidated itself in Latin America, due to its unique modality and its presence on five continents.



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