COPHARM is a company designed and created to provide full solutions in the field of engineering and construction..

COPHARM consists of a team of engineers, architects and professionals who have specialized in the design of laboratories, construction and upgrading of facilities with special techniques and materials.
Providing creative and innovative solutions, we handle the planning, coordination and execution of all construction stages. We offer the possibility of carrying out the execution of a wide range of works and installations.

Italian family background, COPHARM was born in 1991 and thereafter maintained a steady growth which increased exponentially since 2004 where the new production plant "The Talar "enabled the expansion and growth through modernization of production processes, consolidating COPHARM as a leader in the region.

Forced into a program of continuous improvement, growth and development of COPHARM continues daily committing ourselves to providing customer solutions tailored to their needs as well as the support and advice aimed at achieving success in your projects .

COPHARM belongs to multidisciplinary PAT Group

Social commitment

Our company supports industries and universities with counseling, training and use of galenic development equipment without any cost or purchasing obligation. The equipment is available in our showrooms in Argentina and Spain.

The facilities (Training Room, Bar and Restaurant) at the company contribute to the development of activities for professional people.

We believe that our growth has been possible thanks to our customers and friends, and to their own growth too, which builds a gratitude commitment with the future Latin American professionals and whoever believes in this steady progress career.